This is the era of the digital age in which online movie streaming websites are highly flourished.

Nowadays, people adjust their busy schedule to watch movies and Tv shows. In this article, we are going to review a website that provides all the online streaming content at free of cost to its users. Project Free TV, which is a free to air television service that anyone can use without any cost.

What is Project Free TV?

Project Free TV is a popular streaming site that enables its users to watch the latest movies and TV shows. It connects with another popular site that has a library of various movies and Tv programs. It gives users access to both old and new movies and TV shows. You can even watch those shows which are no longer on air.

Project Free TV not working explained.

As we all know that Project Free TV offers a vast quantity of free online content at free of cost without charging any subscription fee from its users. The original content creators do not find it funny because it is illegal to copy other people’s content online. This was the main reason why accessing this website was restricted in various countries on the 24th of July 2015.

It is not the first piracy website which is banned globally.

Suddenly banning of the website left its millions of user’s hearts broken. This time the ISP intended to ban it permanently, but these kinds of websites always find a path to come back online. The Project Free TV website officially shut down on 24th of July 2017 and is no longer accessible till date.

Surprisingly after a few days, the website is back with another domain which has the same design as the old one.

How to make it work?

There are various methods available online which help users to access blocked websites.

As an alternative, you can use a VPN to access the primary domain of Project Free TV because using VPN hides your IP address and changes it to somewhere else’s location.

There were various Project Free TV proxy/mirror sites which help to bypass the restriction.

Best Alternatives.

There is a saying that “Life is full of choices” and Project Free TV is not the only online streaming website available on the internet. There are many others which offer the same content free of charge and even with better features too.

Top 10 best alternatives of Project Free TV account to weareyoungmoney are:


It is another website like Project Free TV which contains a vast collection of movie and TV shows in HD quality



One of the best streaming website which enables its user to download directly from the website.


Couch tuner

According to its users, it is the best alternative to Project Free TV. You can watch all the latest movies, Tv shows and news here. The only disadvantage about Couch Tuner is that it pops up a lot of ads while streaming the movie content.



I hope you don’t fall for the name, it’s not just about the cartoons, but you will find everything in one place. It contains a massive and high-quality content of entertainment.


Project Free Tv

As the name looks similar, but it offers more than the original website. On this site, you are able to watch TV shows as well as the latest movies too.


The Watch Series

This is another popular website which is quite similar to Project Free TV in terms of features and services. You are able to watch complete episodes of your favourite TV show without any disturbances of the ad.


It is a famous movie streaming site which is ultimately ad-free, and you will find the latest movies and TV shows here.



One of the best online movie streaming sites which is entirely legal. You will not have any legal issues while watching a movie on this site.



It is one of the best websites which contains the top-rated shows released online. It enables you to check the new episodes and new seasons of latest shows and movies according to their review and rating.



Q1. Is Project Free TV safe?

A: In simple words, this website is entirely safe for streaming online content. You just have to enable the latest ad blocker and anti-malware installed on your system, and then you are good to go.

Q2. Is this website legal?

A: Yes, this website is entirely legal as it does not host any of the content on its server. It just redirects you to another website where the original video file is located.

Q3. How to switch servers in case the default one is slow?

A: Server 1 is the default server of Project Free TV, but in case the default one is slow you have to click on the “Option” tab and select between Server 2 and Server 3.

Q4. Should anyone be fined for using Project Free TV?

A: No, absolutely not. No one can be fined for using Project Free TV as watching or streaming of copyrighted content is not illegal yet but uploading any copyrighted content is still an illegal offense.


From our side, we do not encourage you to access these kinds of websites. There are various official applications like Netflix and Hulu, which provide you with some paid content, using these will encourage the content creators, and there is nothing illegal about these applications.

Also, this article about “Why project Tv is not working” is only for educational purposes and I hope you loved this article and if you do share it once.